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Dental Hygiene for Children

Children don't often recognize the importance of basic dental hygiene. It's easy for them to overlook because they can't see the plaque that's slowly accumulating on their teeth. It's important to talk to them about the permanent effects that tooth decay will have on their smile.

For the first few years that children are brushing their own teeth, dentists recommend supervising them to ensure proper brushing techniques. After these habits have been established, it's helpful to occasionally check to make sure those habits are being kept up. Even adults can forget proper techniques and fall into bad habits that will lead to cavities. Before teaching your children, be sure that you know appropriate brushing habits.

Videos can be a valuable teaching tool. Educational videos are offered online for free to help your children learn good oral hygiene. This helps children to understand the threats of plaque and tartar, because videos can make it more visible to them. You can also show them pictures of Tooth Decay or Gum Disease.

Here are some dental hygiene tips.